WELCOME to my latest adventure in entrepreneurship and hair design! I'm branching out to my own salon on my property at my home. Having established a solid client base and busy family, here is where my worlds come together for the benefit of all. I am proud and excited to unveil the fruits of my dream and my husband's labor.

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Situated in Lake Oswego, among the pines, the salon in it's own separate location on our property. A respite from the hustle and bustle of town, it is peaceful and creates more flexibility for both myself and my clients. I want my clients to feel comfortable and am excited about how my two worlds of family and work can support each other in this environment.

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With so many choices in the world of hair products, it's been a big decision to choose which line both; gives results and represents my sensibilities as a hair designer. I want my clients to feel great when they leave my salon, and be able to recreate great looking hair at home too. Living proof is a superior line of hair products that have been formulated through new innovations by scientists. Science has taken hair care and styling to a new level. Living proof boasts prolonged cleanliness of hair washed with their products, and excellent volume from their styling products. I really stand behind this brand, after having tried hundreds of products through the years. You're going to love it! To find out more check out their website:


As a young girl with two sisters, a beautiful mom, and a large family, I was drawn to styling, cutting and coloring hair.  I often attempted to be the family hairstylist which provided me with the opportunity to develop my skills and passion for the art of hair, along with fun, new expression of beauty for the people in my life.  The joy of working with hair continued and I went to beauty school and was credentialed immediately afterwards.


I have been doing hair for over 25 years now, and the advances in technique and fabulous trends in fashion and beauty keep it interesting for me.  I regularly attend seminars to refine coloring and cutting skills and keep inspired and excited about my profession.  I have worked under and with many of the great hairstylist in the Portland area which has further enhanced my techniques.


There is nothing better than changing someone’s outlook with a fresh new hairstyle.  Color remains my passion and I love to give my clients a look that keeps the compliments coming.  Each and every day, I enjoy working with my clients to find a fun and exciting cut and color that fits their face shape and lifestyle. My next step is branching out on my own to better accommodate the needs of family and enjoy the independence I have created in my clientele.